Lucky Win: Mourinho’s Spurs Ruthlessly Expose Liverpool’s Average Defense

Losing a game can be hard to take especially if you’re the better team with a fantastic game plan.

Jose Mourinho’s game plan was brilllant and all he needed his team to do was execute it perfectly on the pitch.

He allowed Liverpool with the possession while his team played a low block along with defensively organised back line. Spurs intentions were to soak the pressure and once there’s an opening attack ruthlessly.

That master plan created Spurs five golden opportunities to score.

Steven Charles Bergwijn had two glorious chances to beat Alisson Becker and put Spurs ahead but sadly, he missed them both. The Dutch man along with his captain Harry Kane missed good chances they should’ve scored.

Kane missed a header 12 yard from goal and then tried his luck inside the book only to see the ball skid to the far right.

Had Kane or Bergwijn scored a second goal, Liverpool would’ve be forced to come out in droves to equalize which would’ve created openings for Spurs to counter and score more goals.

Cause in defense, Liverpool are relying on a makeshift defensive midfielder and a rookie having suffered injuries to their first team defenders. Even Trent Alexander Arnold struggled through out the game.

Without doubt, a team with Harry Kane and Hueng Son Min should’ve blow Liverpool off the water and not lose 2-1.

Mourinho is right to be angry with his team, they shrink in the moments they should’ve be giants. Liverpool defense is bang average and Spurs should’ve won the game.

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