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4 Points From Relegation: Arsenal Can’t Continue to Digress Under Mikel Arteta

Arsenal are sinking faster than torpedo under Mikel Arteta who many thought was the beacon of hope after the sacking of Unai Emery.

Arteta’s Arsenal has disappointed everyone to be honest.

No one would’ve envisaged a team who started so brilliantly under the Spaniard by winning the FA Cup and the Community Shied will digress this bad in less than two months.

The Gunners have picked up 14 points from 14 games this season to record their worst start to season since the 1974-75 season.

In fact, Arsenal are just four points from relegation and in their current form, they will be relegated.. The team is disorganized, ill disciplined {7 reds already}, lack focus and frankly, don’t have a leader.


Grant Xhaka, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz and others have all failed to raise up to the occasion and salvage the hopelessness of this average team.

Why Arteta decided to banish a world class play-maker like Mesut Ozil from the first team is baffling. Arsenal are currently bereft of ideas in the final third which has affected Aubameyang’s movement and goals.

Banishing Ozil was the first mistakes Arteta made, followed by building a team around Aubameyang who seems to have lost confidence in himself and the manager.

Arteta has also failed to instil a winning mentality to his team nor has succeeded in motivating the senior players in his team.


Even the club’s summer purchases William and Thomas Party are both looking like bad business. Had Arsenal signed the right players their fortunes would’ve be better.

The board of directors must now decide if hanging on to Mikel Arteta is worth the club losing a place in Europe or getting relegated.

No doubt, Relegation will be dreadful but on current form, Arsenal will be relegated.

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