Am Coming To Chelsea: Thomas Tuchel Set To Replace Frank Lampard

Chelsea’s 17 matches unbeaten sequence under Frank Lampard has become yesterday news. Today, its about sacking Frank Lampard whose team is struggling for form and consistency.

The club hierarchy is reportedly considering firing Lampard who has failed to stage a serious title bid this season despite the huge investment in the squad. The club spent big in the summer to assemble a title winning squad but, Lampard’s inexperience and poor man management skills has seen them jostling with mediocrity and world class.

Lampard’s in-experiences will be beginning of his downfall. His team must beat Aston Villa and then Manchester City in the next three days.

If he loses both matches then its over for Lampard.

Thomas Tuchel will then become the next Chelsea manager. According to Bild, Tuchel will not be going into a sabbatical. He wants to continue managing one of the biggest clubs in Europe and if an offer comes in from Chelsea he will accept it.

Lampard meanwhile has to find a way to turn Chelsea into present day Liverpool. In-spite of all he has won a player, Chelsea will not give him four years to get the basics right, he must grind out results in the next two matches or he is gone.

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