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Living On Past Glory: Why Barcelona Must Emulate Real Madrid By Accepting Lionel Messi Is The Past

Reading about the Spanish La Liga can be daunting at times especially when it involves Lionel Messi and Barcelona.

The fractured relationship between Messi and the former club president Josep Maria Bartomeu revealed a lot of problems Barcelona were struggling to deal with. The club was sinking and they were desperately hanging onto Messi to save them from completely crashing.

Stupidly the club needed him to save while at the same time blamed him for everything wrong. Exasperated with the double sidedness of the club Messi reacted by submitting a burofax to leave quickly before the club sank to obscurity.

Messi knows Barcelona lacks the ambition to truly challenge the best teams in Europe and even if the self proclaimed messiah ‘Joan Laporta’ where to be elected president this January, it will take him 2 to 3 years to assemble a squad capable of challenging for major trophies.

Sadly, Leo don’t have that time to wait. He is 33 and declining much faster than he would like. Right now, all he wants is to move on like Cristiano Ronaldo and join a title winning team.

He wants to join a world class team like PSG or Manchester City that need a very experienced player like himself to win the Champions League and other domestic trophies.

Without doubt, Messi only drive is to a fifth Champions League trophy and tie Cristiano Ronaldo. But achieving that fate is proving far difficult than he would’ve envisaged.

Barcelona is still living in the past and refusing to embrace the future. They all envision a 20-year-old Argentinean dribbling his way past bone crushing tackles before dinking the keeper.

Marvelous it might sound but, the Messi of today don’t have the legs or speed to beat his marker. He depends heavily on his creativity and clairvoyance to find teammates or cut open defenses.

Such skillsets works best with an established team not a bunch of misfits at Barcelona.

Once Barcelona accepts is time to let go of Lionel Messi like Real Madrid did to Cristiano Ronaldo then the club can truly start to rebuild.

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