Manchester United

Football Is Cruel! Manchester United Scores Late To Break Wolves Heart

Manchester United have scored to late to snatch all three points from a resilient Wolves who are overly determined to leave Old Trafford with a point.

Nuno Espirito Santos side exhibited world class defending by intercepting dangerous passes, sliding into challenges and winning every aerial pass. The defense was absolutely organized and many neutral fans felt Wolves will leave with a point.

But a single moment of genius from Bruno Fernandes chagned the game. His loafted pass found Marcus Rashford who was darting towards to right and aiming to find space to shot.

Rasford’s pulled a dummy to get the ball to his right leg before smacking it on Saies whose wicked deflection ensured Luis Patricio was beating on his near post.

Joyously Ole Gunnar Solskjaer raced down to congratulate his boys for a job well done and in the oppsosite end stood a stunned Nuno Santos wondering what went wrong.

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