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3 Reasons Why Olivier Giroud Should Ditch Chelsea For Juventus

Oliiver Giroud have a decision to make that will prolong his career or shorten it. On one hand he has Chelsea who are offering him game time but still struggling with consistency and rhythm.

And on the other hand is Juvejtus who have the best squad in Seria A but sadly managed by rookie whose tactical playbook is flaws.

Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo were once the best midfielders in Europe but that doesn’t mean they will be great coaches.

Both coaches are inexperienced and lack the tactical acumen to improvise, win games consistently and then trophies. But, Juventus is unlike Chelsea.

They don’t have the patience to play second fiddle to AC Milan or which ever club ends their 8 consecutive Seria A title win. Andrea Pirlo won’t last a season at Juventus, he will be gone if Juventus don’t win the Seria A title or the Champions League.

Longevity in Guaranteed in Seria A– At Juventus, Olivier Giroud can play football for the next 4 to 5 years and still earn good money. The Italy league is much more slower than the Premier League which is good for players who have lost or losing the legs to run.

Tittles are guaranteed at Juventus– The Bianconeris might be struggling of late due to lost faith in Andrea Pirlo but, they’re the undisputed Seria A champions.


Pirlo might be a great player but that doesn’t mean he will be great coach. The club are giving him a chance like other big clubs are doing with their ex- players { Arsenal- Mikel Arteta, Chelsea- Frank Lampard, Manchester United- Ole Gunnar Solskjaer} but, if things don’t improve at Juve, Pirlo will be fired before this season is over.

Pirlo departure will mean a better coach coach is hired and Giroud will win more trophies at Turin.

Giroud’s international career will be prolong- At Juventus, he play more football, score more goals and win more important trophies. His success at club level will pave the opportunity for him to represent France who he has delivered the World Cup.

No doubt, Olivier Giroud is a world class striker and his exploit with Arsenal, Chelsea and France proves he is a great striker.

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