No Defense No Titles: Why Liverpool Will Not Be Champions Playing Their Best Midfielders In Defense

Before the season started, the warnings of an imminent decline was visibly clear for Jurgen Klopp to see but, the German choose not to do anything about it.

HIs inaction is a bit understandable. Klopp has just ended Liverpool’s 30 year wait to win the Premier League title. A fate 12 manages have failed to achieved since 1992, Klopp achieved it in four years along with the Champions League, the FA Club World Cup and the UEFA Super Cup.

To him, his team was the best in the country and there’s no reason to make changes even though Dejan Lovren has just left the club.

Lovren was indispensable thanks to the durability and super human fitness of Virgil van Dijk. But how wrong was Klopp..

Van Dijk is currently ruled out for the rest of the season and Liverpool is forced to play games without the Dutch man or even a recognizable defender due to injuries.

Joe Gomez is ruled out for five months with hamstring injury while Joel Matip can’t stay fit due to multiple injury concerns.

Matip played just nine games last season due to injuries, that alone was a problem but Klopp acted like everything was ok.

The German didn’t learn anything from Pep Guardiola’s lost faith in Fernandinho and the impact it had on Manchester City’s squad last season. Neither did he learn that defensive midfielders are temporal fix and not permanent ones.

Liverpool are currently playing their best midfielders in defense which is affecting the overall play.

Fabinho alongside Jordan Henderson and Gini Wijnaldum made Liverpool unbeatable last season. Now, the club is playing Henderson and Fabinho in defense which has invariably weakened the midfield and then attack.

The Reds can’t win games cause clubs just sit deep and restrict spaces for Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane, Trent Alexander Arnold and Andrew Robertson to attack.

If they had Fabinho in midfield, he will simply loft brilliant balls over the top for Salah and Mane to chest down and score. He will also make interceptions in midfield before setting up the team to counter attack in time. Henderson meanwhile will pull the strings in midfield, shoot from distance and even score goals in or outside the box.

But playing them in the back means creativity and stability in midfield is lost.

We all love Liverpool but the truth has to be said, they will not retain the Premier League tile playing their best midfielders in defense.

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