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3 Reasons Why Liverpool Won’t Sign A Defender This January

There’s a reason why Jurgen Klopp and not Jamie Carragher is the manager of Liverpool football club. The German understands football perfectly and how it works on the pitch.

He understands the difference between managing a football team and a football club. His job is to get the best out of the existing squad and not to dictate who joins the club, how best to run the club or who gets hired or fired.

Signing this or that player is the responsibility of the club owner FSG, the club director Michael Werner and the sporting director Michael Edwards and not Klopp or the fans.

If those three don’t see the need to sign a defender, Klopp have no choice than to work with what his got.

Maintaining a balance sheet– As a fan, it is easy to say sign this or that defender from Liepzig or Bayern Munich but as a club, millions will be involved in bringing the player in from whatever club and paying them weekly.

Secondly, due to the financial constraints of Covid-19, clubs must try as much as possible to balance their books. They can’t spend recklessly and they depend on furlough to cover their cost.

Clubs smell desperation and will double the price– Everyone knows Liverpool are short at the back and needs to sign a defender but, their desperation is beacon to make serious money from them.

Whatever defender Liverpool decides to sign this summer, the price of that player will double or even triple. No club will sell cheap in the January transfer window to a wounded lion.

Joe Gomez will be back at the end of the month- Liverpool just needs to hang on for a while and try as much possible to remain in contention to win the Premier League title, FA Cup and the Champions League. Gomez is coming back soon and hopefully, the fuss about signing a defender will end with his return.

Hopefully, he will return with Joel Matip fit and in form.

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