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Kiss The Title Goodbye: Why Liverpool Can’t Afford To Lose Or Draw At Anfield Against Burnley

If you thought Liverpool vs. Manchester United was the penultimate clash of the season you better think again. That game just showed Liverpool’s aren’t finished yet but still hanging on slim thread close to snapping as the pressure cooks up.

Liverpool must win at Anfield against Burnely or they can kiss the Premier League title goodbye.

If they lose or draw that game, they will be 6 points off Manchester United and 7 points off Manchester City who have a game in hand. Drawing or losing that game will be catastrophic knowing that the next three games will be very, very difficult to win.

First, Liverpool will travel to Old Trafford to play Manchester United in the FA Cup followed by a trip to Totttenham Hotspur- who can’t wait to end their 2018 Champions League misery with a win at home.

After that clash, Liverpool then travel to the London Stadium to face David Moyes resurgent West Ham. Those three matches will be very difficult to win even when Liverpool are in great shape talk more of now.

Therefore, it is necessary Liverpool pick up all three points against Burnely and close the gap to the 3 points which will boast the confidence of the players..

A win will be morale boating and massively helpful in keeping touch with Manchester City and United who have relatively easy and difficult games to play.

City win play relegation threatened sides like West Brom, Sheffield United and Burnley in their next three games while table toppers Manchester United will play Sheffield United next before facing Arsenal and Southampton {difficult games but winnable games}.

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