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3 Changes Liverpool Must Make To Beat Manchester United At Old Trafford

Liverpool’s slump from excellence to mediocrity is baffling. They’re winless in five Premier League matches and have managed just a goal in over 1713 minutes of football.

Sadly, their well documented home record has finally be ended by a Burnley side languishing in the bottom half of the table.

The club is struggling under Jurgen Klopp who has now admitted he made a mistake not pressurizing the club to sign him a defender this summer.

Nevertheless, Liverpool still have the quality in their ranks to knock Manchester United out of the FA Cup but, they must make 3 changes to their game.

Start Divock Origi against Manchester United, he is desperate to rewrite history– Origi might have missed a golden chance at Anfield but, Jurgen Klopp must give him a second chance to redeem himself.

Origi has read and watched repeatedly what the fans and ex-legends had to say about him. He feels ashamed of himself and now wants to silence his critics.


Playing him against Manchester United will massively help Liverpool upfront knowing he is physically strong and imposing. He has the strength to Harry Maguire, Eric Bailly or Victor Lindelof or the ground and on the air.

His presence inside the box will give Trent Alexander Arnold and Andrew Robertson something to aim for knowing he is good on the air. Origi will open up spaces for Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane to drive in and shoot unlike Roberto Firmino.

Pass the ball quicker and aim at goal before the defense reorganize- Liverpool have to be faster while in transition and aim at goal before the opposition defense get back to the shape.

Enough is enough with the silly passes that ends up with crosses in side the box which are easily dealt with by the defense.

Liverpool can no longer rely on crosses and cut backs to score. The fullback must also be cautious of how they maraud up and down the pitch knowing that the two attempts Manchester Untied had on goal came from Bruno Fernandes {through the right} and Paul Pogba {through the left}.


Drop Thiago and start with Milner or Naby Keita- Thiago is a technically gifted player who can pass the ball around in circles but, his style of play is in contrast to Liverpool’s counter attacking football.

He has slowed the team down with his extra passes and helped the opposition defense regain their shape. Teams now defend deep against Liverpool knowing they can no longer match their dynamic midfielders but can keep them off from scoring.

To break down defense, Liverpool must be faster in their movement by playing James Milner or Naby Keita to give that final pass rather playing in circles.

Manchester United won’t be easy, but Liverpool have what it takes to beat them at Old Trafford and progress to the FA Cup.

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