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3 Radical Changes Thomas Tuchel Will Introduce At Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel is the younger and much more refined version of Jurgen Klopp. Enthusiastic, passionate ad adaptive to situations.

They’ve predefined version of how football should be played and try to inculcate the principles to the players. But if the personnel aren’t their to make it work perfectly they adapt brilliantly. Tuchel proved his world class credentials by reaching the Champions League final without PSG all time goal scorer Edinson Cavani.

He will make Cheslea far better than they’re but they’re changes that will involved in changing htat feat.

Chelsea’s counter pressing will be 110 percent– No one will be spared from running their soaks off under Thomas Tuchel. Everyone must counter press {gegen press} or face been dropped.

Tuchel wants his attackers, midfielders and fullbacks pressing very hard until the ball is won and that is really hard to do. Imagine running non-stop for 10 to 15 minutes trying to win the ball off teams like Manchester City or an inform Liverpool- that will really take a toll on players fittest.

Tuchel don’t have favourites, everyone is disposable except your Messi or Ronaldo– Every manager in the Premier League or Europe’s top 5 league have favourite players. Frank Lampard had his favourite players ‘Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham and others’. but not Thomas Tuchel.

Tuchel only picks players who are fit and inform. Players like Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham or even N’Golo Kante must now prove they’re good enough to play for Chelsea.

Tuchel possess old school mentality ‘he says it like he feels it’– Tuchel’s major weakness is his inability to hide what he feels. That part of him is vicious and highly toxic.

He will explode if his team’s don’t want his says and if the management fail to invest in a particular area he feels lacks the necessary man power.

Jurgen Klopp might accept a team without defenders, Tuchel will not. He will attack the management ‘like he did at PSG’ until they sign him a defender or sack him.

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