Tottenham 1-3 Liverpool: Alexander Arnold Is Back and 5 Things We Learnt

Liverpool have clinched their first of the year by beating a spirited Tottentham team 3-1. The Reds were incredibly good to watch as they dominated the game and had 14 attempts on goal to score.

Spurs did have moments to savoir but the lack of communication between Hugo Lloris and his defenders allowed Liverpool to score not one but two goals. Firmino scored an easy tap in after Lloris and Eric Dier stood ball watching as Firmino ghost in and scored.

The second half started in similar fashion after several substation were made. Liverpool added a second after another defensive howler that allowed Mane shot on goal before the rebound was smashed in by Trent Alexander. Spurs did pull one back with fantastic long driver through Hojberg who was arguably the best player in the pitch.

His effort was undone after another defensive error allowed Trent Alexander Arnold’s long range pass find Mane who smashed the ball in to make it 3-1.

Trent Alexander Arnold is back– The 21-year-old is arguably Liveprool’s best playe rtoday. He scored a stunnign goal and assisted Mnae fo rhte second. If Arnodl can keep up with this fanastic form, Liverpool will be unstoopable.

Jose Mourinho’s game plan backfired– Spurs were unlike most Premier League teams that played against Liverpool and managed to come with a draw or a win as in the case of Burnley.

Spurs weren’t compact neither were they resolute in clearing out dangerous balls. Had Mourinho instructed his team to play more defensively against Liverpool, they might have draw.

Thiago finally wins a game with Liverpool– At a point it felt like Liverpool were digressing with Thiago in the middle of the park. Ex-players blamed his presence on Liverpool’s slow build up and slow decision making. It felt like Liverpool were becoming Barcelona that dependent on a single player to either find spaces to attack or provide the final passes. ]

But thankfully that is over now, Liverpool is not a one man team and don’t necessary need Thiago to win games.

Liverpool must sign a defender- Liverpool currently do not a senior centre back to call upon neither can they call upon on Fabinho.

Van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Joel Matip and now Fabinho are all injured. The Reds can’t depend on Jordan Henderson who also has his own history on injuries. They’ve to sign a top defender this January.

Spurs midfielders a sensational– Steven Bergwijn and Ndombele are two of the finest midfielders in the Premier League. Their close control, brilliant turns, faints and dribbles are just fascinating to watch. Spurs do have quality in their side. Super players who will only get better with more game time.

Liverpool must keep the momentum– The team must keep the momentum going. The win was good but the next one will even be better.

West Ham at the London stadium won’t be easy but an inform Liverpool [with a very good defender} can beat anyone.

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