PSG News: Ramos Offered Contract, Pochettino Rules Out Mbappe Exit And Messi Will Join PSG This Summer

PSG are reportedly offered Sergio Ramos a lucrative contract to join them this summer. Ramos is currently in deadlock with Real Madrid who are refusing to budge to his wage demands.

Ramos wants an improved contract but Real Madrid aren’t willing to offer him knowing the financial implications involved in doing so.

Madrid’s refusal will mean Ramos will become a free agent which is good news to PSG who are determined to sign him and build a squad capable of winning the Champions League.

According to, PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino has ruled out the possibility of Kylian Mbappe joining Real Madrid. Pochettino wants him at the club and hopes he decides he signs a contract extension with him.

Mbappe is a world class player who can decide a game with an assist or pass. A player of such quality is difficult to find and very expensive to sign.

PSG have him and don’t want to lose him to Real Madrid or Liverpool who reportedly in touch with his camp.

Although, Mbappe’s contract expires in 2022 and if doesn’t sign a contract extension, PSG will have no option than to sell him this summer or lose for free next season. further reports that Lionel Messi wil join PSG at the end of the season. The Argentine superstar can no longer stay at Barcelona who are on the verge of going bankrupt.

His wages alone is crippling the club and Rivaldo’s recent acknowledgement that Messi should’ve been sold this summer further highlights the financial needs of the club.

Barcelona don’t have money and selling Messi for $120m or more last season would’ve helped the club stabilize.

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