€650,000-A-Week Flop: Its Time Mourinho Stop ‘The Experiment And Send Bale Back To Real Madrid’

Jose Mourinho is beginning to understand why Zinedine Zidane froze out Gareth Bale from Real Madrid’s first team.

The present Bale is nothing like the 2011-2018 superstar that bamboozled his way past defenders and scored unbelievable goals with his left or right leg.

The past Bale was a mixture of Heugn Son-Min and Jack Grealish in one. He combined creativity, speed, stamina, fantastic ball control, technique and above all shooting power to great perfection.

Sadly, the present Bale has lost everything that made him special back then. That frightening speed that torn defense into shreds is gone due to multiple injuries.

Unfortunately, Injuries have robbed him of his best qualities and now, he is almost useless to the team. He can’t change the dynamics of the game nor can he score goals in regularity.

Yes! he still posses the trait of a world class players but, in terms of fitness level and form, Bale is finished.

His time at the top level is up just like Andres Iniesta, David Silva or Franck Ribery who realized earlier they no longer the legs to compete in the highest level and had to drop them to a much lower team or league.

Without doubt, Bale is not what a title chasing team like Tottenham Hotspur is looking for nor, is it what a world class team like Real Madrid needs at the moment.

On the economic side, Bale is terrific in selling Jerseys and other club merchandize but in the sporting side, He is a washed off player who has nothing else to offer..

Its time, Jose Mourinho stop the experiment ‘get Bale’s speed back’ and send him back to Real Madrid who knows where he fits best- the bench.

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