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Champions League Or Sack! Real Madrid Line Up Klopp As Zidane’s Replacement

Real Madrid’s decline is well documented and the need for change in the dressing room has become imperative for the club to outgrown his mediocre state.

Madrid are no longer the force of nature that terrified every other team that faced them both in La Liga or the Champions League.

Now, they’re the ‘club most fans are hoping their respective teams face’ so as to qualify to the quarter final or semi final of the competition.

Sadly the club’s decline rest on the shoulder of Zinedine Zidane who many feel has outlived his usefulness to the club.

Sacking him is now a possibility have watched Madrid get knocked out of the Spanish Super Cup and Copa Del Rey and now sit 10 points off Atletico Madrid who will certainly win La Liga title this season. The only solace Zidane has to save his job is to win the Champions League.

Real Madrid must win the Champions League this season or Zidane will be sacked cause that is the only realistic trophy they can win.

But how they will do it without ‘Cristiano Ronaldo bagging in 11 to 15 goals en-route to the final’ remains a mystery. Ronaldo was the antithesis to their success. He was the man shooting in the goals right, left and centre.

Since he left, Madrid haven’t reached the Champions League semifinal in 3 consecutive season. This season won’t be different.

If Real Madrid do sack Zidane at the end of the season, the club has already lined a world class replacement in Jurgen Klopp.

Madrid are willing to pay off Jurgen Klopp’s remaining contact with Liverpool and bring him to the Santiago Bernebue cause they believe a manager like Klopp can bring back the fire in Real Madrid’s belly and help them win a record 15 Champions League trophies.

But before that sack happens, let see what trick Zinedine Zidane has up his sleeve to salvage what is left of this season.

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