Beaten Convincingly! Brighton Schools ‘Tiki Taka Liverpool’ How To Play Premier League Football

A massive congratulation to Brighton who have succeded in becoming the second team to beat Liverpool at Anfield this season.

The Seagulls didn’t just sit deep and defend the ball like other teams tried doing against Livepool, they played out from the back and pilled serious pressure to Liverpool’s fragile defence.

One of the incessant pressure enabled Graham Potter’s men score a good goal which was enough to ensure Liveprool will lose for the first in 9 years back to back games at Anfield.

While Brighton played enterprises football with lots of pace, power and exciting footworks, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool were busy playing tiki taka football like they were Barcelona without Lionel Messi to create openings.

Boring enough, Liveprool had no zest to thier game. It felt like a training match with Brighton given enough time to re-organise thier backline while Liverpool tried to play through the middle before trading it to Trent Alexander Arnold and Andrew Robertson to cross in.

Shamefully, Liverpool’s pattern of football is outadated and easy to defend against. Teams now counter press, sit deep soak pressure before hitting on the counter attack and scoring.

Without doubt, Liverpool is simply abandoning everything that made their football special and now adopting an outdated version of Barcelona which can be neutralized through counter defence/ counter attack.

Hopefully, Klopp would ditch the tiki taka footblal and tell his players to move the ball faster when over in their position to attack not returning it back to Thiago Alcantara to play next cool pass.

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