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G.O.A.T: Why Lionel Messi Is The Greatest In Barcelona’s History Not Football History

Lionel Messi is an incredibly successful player who have won all there’s to win in club football. He has broken records, set new records, and lifted an incredible 34 club titles with Barcelona.

At the moment he is Barcelona’s most successful player and the club’s all time goal scorer. He tops the list on goals scored; assists provided, dribbles made, key passes, free kicks, penalties and so on. The 33-year-old is everything that epitomizes how good Barcelona is.

Probably the reason people are comparing him with three of the finest footballers in history Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona and Pele. But saying he is better than those three including Cristiano Ronaldo is purely ridiculous.

Diego Maradona will always be better than Messi for what he has achieved with the various clubs he has played for and the World Cup he lifted with Argentina back in 1986.

Football wise, there’s nothing Messi can do that Maradona didn’t do in his playing days so the question of technique, dribbles, goals or assists, Maradona was just like Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo will always point at the two prestigious trophies he won with Portugal along with the 3 consecutive Champions League triumph with Real Madrid. .

Pele meanwhile is just head and shoulder above Messi and every other footballer.

This is a man that lifted the World Cup 3 times with Brazil. A trophy that Africa, Asia, Oceanic or even the Middle East have never won.

Pele won it 3 times and yet, Ronald Koeman and others say Messi is better than Pele who have lifted a trophy 4 continents have failed to win since football was invented proves

Its ok, lavishing praises on Lionel Messi for all the club titles he has won with Barcelona and saying his better than Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, Diego Maradona and others but, the major question all his fans try to avoid is, what has he really done for Argentina?

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