$600m Offered: 3 Reasons Why Lionel Messi Will Reject PSG And Manchester City

How good is Lionel Messi that club’s are willing to offer him £430m ($600m) despite been 33-year-old? On the sporting side, Lionel Messi is still one of the best player’s in the world.

He can dictate the tempo of the match from midfield, create goal scoring chances and even score unbelievable goals. Although, Messi has lost that slaloming runs that characterized his game in his past but he can still take exceptional free kicks and penalties.

Messi might have aged, but his value has remained the same.

He is money making machine and clubs like Manchester City and PSG know how to squeeze millions out of him despite offering him humongous wages and incentives. But, Messi won’t join them for just three reasons:

Xavi will be the next manager of Barcelona and Messi will want to play for him– After Ronald Koeman, the next manager of Barcelona football cub will Xavi Hernandez.

The club’s greatest player has revealed his intention to manager Barcelona in the future and feels he has learnt enough to take the top job. The next president of Barcelona football club will pull the plug on Ronald Koeman and hire Xavi to rebuild the team.

Messi will lead Barcelona’s new project under Xavi and the new president- Next season, Barcelona will overhaul the entire playing staff and coaching staffs. The club will only keep players who Xavi feel are good enough for and sell off both old and new.

Leo will be needed to lead the project and help Xavi start his managerial career with a bang.

Money doesn’t motivate Messi, he still loves Barcelona- If Messi was motivated by money alone, he would’ve left Barcelona a long time ago to China, Qatar or Saudi Arabia.

In fact, Messi was offered £1m-a-week to play for China based Evergreen along with £300,000-a- goal which he rejected. He has received ludicrous offers but still stuck to Barcelona.

Barca might be playing poorly but Messi still loves the club and he will remain with them through thick and thin.

He won’t run away because Barcelona are struggling, it will be stupid of him to leave a club that gave him so much especially when they’ve a long term plan of returning to the top.


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