Stop Blaming Van Dijk: 3 Lessons Liverpool Must Learn From ‘Injury Ravaged Real Madrid’ Who Are Second In La Liga

To a failure, excuses are easy to come about and the blame game never seems to stop. They blame the broadcasters, the congested fixtures, injuries to their players and their most reliable defenders.

Liverpool coach have blamed everything or everyone for his team’s poor performances but not himself nor his coaching staff. He has refused to accept that the problems of the club is not injuries but lack of tactical innovation or plan B if A is not working. .

Blaming injuries for the club’s decline is frankly stupid knowing that Zinedine Zidane and his own coaching staff at Real Madrid have worked assiduously with a very weak squad and yet, found a way to win and remain in contention to win trophies.

They’ve played for months without their evergreen Sergio Ramos {who is equivalent of Van Dijk} and still sit second in the La Liga table.

In fact, Real Madrid are firm favourites to win the La Liga title despite having just 12 senior players and one fit striker to lead their attacking lines while Liverpool have 5 and 16 senior players and yet, they’re 19 points adrift of Manchester City after 25 games.

Liverpool accept mediocrity, Real Madrid don’t– The standard and expectations of both club is very huge. While the Spanish giants take pride in always been the best club in the world.


Liverpool are ok with just finishing fourth or in the Europa League place Real Madrid are not.

Managers at Real Madrid are expected to build on success not rest on past laurels– Zinedine Zidane has won more trophies in 3 years that Jurgen Klopp has managed to win his entire managerial career and yet, the French is under pressure to keep succeeding.

Madrid don’t rest on past laurel they put pressure on their respective managers to keep winning in spite of the conditions of the club. Madrid didn’t sign a single player this summer nor in the January transfer window and yet their second in the table.

In fact, Madrid have more injured players to Liverpool and thier evergreen captian Sergio Ramos have been absent for months and still Madrid are winning.

The fear of getting sacked don’t worry Klopp so the players are relaxed- Unlike Real Madrid who put immerse pressure on the manager to succeed or face possibility of getting sacked, Liverpool are damn ok with mediocrity.

The fear of Zidane getting sacked has forced the club captain Sergio Ramos have indoor meeting with all the players and remind them of the standard of the club. The club’s best players are forced to raise their game for their manager cause they don’t want Zinedine Zidane to leave.

They love him and want him to stay.

Liverpool stars don’t have to worry about Klopp going. They know he won’t be sacked even if they keep losing for the rest of the season.

Klopp’s guaranteed future has made the player’s lazy. They don’t have to fight for the manager nor do they’ve to prove anything to him or the board. Fans would’ve forced to play better but without them, Liverpool players have accepted been average is ok since Jurgen Klopp job is safe and Van Dijk is absent.

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