Nigeria Striker Victor Osimhen Rushed To The Hospital After Collapsing On The Pitch

Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen was rushed to the hospital after collapsing on the pitch, according to Sky Sport Italia. After disputing the ball uncomfortably with Atalanta’s defender Cristian Romero, the attacker suffered from head injuries.

The effect of the collision was so extreme that, before hitting the ground, Osimhim lost consciousness in the air. His fall petrified everyone, including the referee, who immediately called the medics’ attention to quickly operate on him. Before heading to the hospital at the end of Atalanta’s 4-2 win, the medics cautiously resuscitated him.

Napoli’s official website has now reported that Osimhem’s test results are negative and he will have to stay in Bergamo until tomorrow when the club’s highly-rated doctor Raffaele Canonico and other medical staff will carry out more tests.

The 24-year-old Nigeria international have never suffered such a severe head injury before and will now need prayers and support from every Nigerian to overcome this present struggle.

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