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The Klopp Show Is Over! Its Time Liverpool Forge Ahead Without The Outdated German

The Premier League title might have eluded Liverpool for 30 years but for the part four years the club were building a world class team capable of winning it under the tutelage of Jurgen Klopp.

German chopped and changed his team for 3 years until he found the right player with right mentality who understood his method. The 4-0 come back win against Barcelona in the Champions League semi final second leg was the antithesis of Klopp’s Liverpool team.

It was the beginning of a beautiful chapter and winning the Champions League was just the final step to what Liverpool have been trying to build.

The following season was unbelievable. Liverpool won 23 games and drawn just once against Manchester United and everyone knew that this Klopp team was going to be champions.

Superstars like Kylian Mbappe tagged them ‘the winning machines’, while Thiago Alcantara just couldn’t stop watching them, he wanted to be part of it despite playing for World and European team like Bayern Munich.

But sadly, that beautiful story has come to an end. Liverpool has achieved what they set out to achieve in four years and now everyone is confused.

Honestly, Liverpool players just want to be competing in all five fronts and not just the Premier League and Champions League like Jurgen Klopp always prioritize season after season.

This players are world class players and they believe if the club were to bring in the right players to strengthen the squad, they can compete with Manchester City and win other domestic trophies.

That disparity in Klopp’s and the player’s ambition is the reason why the team is struggling with consistency and not necessary form. Mohamed Salah, Alisson Becker, Trent Alexander, Andrew Robertson and Sadio Mane feel they can be FA Cup and Caraboa Cup champions not top 4 hopefuls.

They want to win titles after titles cause they know they’re world class players. Klopp’s limitation is affecting them and now, they want him gone.

The players might not say it but look at their body language, this players are no longer fighting for the manager but rather themselves. The Champions League is the only trophy remaining to win, this players will fight for it and will care less if they finish in the top 4 or out of it. They just want to be champions with or without Jurgen Klopp.

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