Sell Them: Laporta To Sell 3 Of Barcelona’s Most Expensive Players

Barcelona president Joan Laporta will sell three of the club’s most expensive player this summer in order to save cost and reinvest in rebuilding the squad.

The president’s main task is to find alternative ways to get Barcelona out of their current debt status while investing smartly to strengthen the squad like Liverpool did back in 2015.

It will take a gradual process to take Barcelona out of mediocrity to stardom therefore, the club will have to rid itself off expensive flops and rebuild.

Laporta will sell Philippe Coutinho, Ousame Dembele and Antoine Griezmann this summer.

Coutinho is reportedly been offered for Liverpool for less £50m while Ousame Dembele and Antoine Griezmann are both offered to PSG and Juventus for less than £60m. For now, none of the aforementioned clubs have registered any interest in signing of those three players.

Sadly, Barcelona will earn less than £150m for those three despite spending £350m in signing time. What a waste.

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