Why Real Madrid Are not Pleased Facing Liverpool

On Real Madrid’s part, this is the worst Champions league quarter final draw. Los Blancos aren’t too happy with facing a Liverpool side with nothing to lose.

League wise, Liverpool have been below average and have suffered six consecutive home defeats. But in the European stage, Jurgen Klopp’s men are a different animal..

They’re scoring goals for fun, dominating games with Thiago Alcantara pulling the strings in midfield while Fabinho is closing down spaces magnificently.

Defensively, Liverpool’s duo Nat Philips and Ozan Kabak have it stepped it up with Fabinho dropping deep to make it a five men defense.

Frankly, Real Madrid would’ve preferred facing a team with something to play for.

A team like Bayern Munich, PSG, Manchester City would’ve been a proper match but not Liverpool who have nothing else to play for but just the Champions League.

Added to that, this game will be viewed as a revenge mission. Mohamed Salah & Roberto Firmino vs. Sergio Ramos.

Toni Kroos and Luka Modric will have to prove they’re better than Thiago Alcantara while Casemir

o will have to go against Jordan Henderson and Fabinho.

This is game is going to be tricky one for both managers but Jurgen Klopp will be happiest of both manager’s. He doesn’t have to talk to much to get his boys fired up.

All he has to do is to replay the 2018 Champions League final and then fast forward it to the Mohamed Salah vs Sergio Ramos innocuous challenge. Later show them Ramos stupid tapping of Salah’s arm during the UEFA Best Player award and his stupid statement against Klopp and Roberto Firmino.

Ramos alone will get everyone angry and purely motivated to win.

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