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Guardiola’s Crazy Mistake: Why Manchester City Are So Wrong To Let Sergio Aguero Leave

After a decade of playing top level football in the premier League, Sergio Aguero will be leaving Manchester City at the end of the season.

His departure will certainly be felt by City fans and the Premier League who have fallen in love with the legendary striker.

Aguero is arguably the greatest player in Premier League history and his landmark of 257 goals in 384 confirms him as Manchester City’s all-time record goal scorer.

Who will ever forget that year in 2011 when Aguero etched Manchester City’s name in the record book. That pass from Mario Balotelli to find Aguero who took a touch, skipped past a defender before unleashing a ferocious shoot to win Manchester City’s the Premier league.

The scream of Aguerrooooooo echoed home and abroad. Exciting it sounded in the blue half of Manchester but distasteful as Fregie as his Red army had of it. But, from that moment, City’s dominance began to take fold.

Sergio lead brilliantly and won City numerous trophies. He again decided the 2018 Premier League title by scoring a very important goal against Liverpool to help City crawl back from a point 7 deficit and win the Premier League by a single point.

But sadly, all his years of consistency and reliability will be undone by just a single season of relapse. A season, he suffered multiple injuries and subsequent of form. Pep Guardiola and whoever hands out contract have totally disrespected the 32-year-old Argentina international by using a single season to judge him.

Aguero still has 3 to 4 years to play at the top top level, but choosing to let him leave now as a free agent just because of injuries or lost of form don’t make sense.

But, City’s lost will be another clubs gain. Sergio Aguero has is a consistent performer and soon rather than later, he will prove he is the best striker the Premier League has ever seen.

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