Financial Meltdown: Barcelona To Lose £700m If Lionel Messi Leaves

Barcelona future is bleak judging by the recent audit conducted by the club. The Bluagrana giants will lose £350m this season alone and there’s a possibility more losses will be recorded next season.

The club’s financial meltdown isn’t just tied to Covid-19 alone, the club’s former president Josep Bartomeu and his directors mismanaged funds and collected loans with little or no profit yields.

Least to forget, the audit was made with Lionel Messi involved.

If Barcelona’s greatest player and most valuable player leaves this summer, Barcelona will lose an additional £350m or even more on sponsorship and investment deals.

As Josep Bartomeu was once said when asked by Lione Messi leaked earnings, he said: ‘Investors are only interested in working with Lionel Messi. He is the person everyone wants to put in their respective labels or brands therefore, if he earns millions every season is because he brings millions to the club’.

But if Lionel Messi leaves, that millions stop flowing and Barcelona fanancial meltdown will then take shape.

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