Alarming Call: 68 Students Commits Suicide In Nigeria In Just 1 Year

Suicide is never an option but to many youths in Nigeria its the fastest way out of anguish and hardship. It has become the only way youths can easily walk away from the very difficult life struggle in Nigeria.

Therefore, the need to graduate with a second class upper or first class class honours from a recognized tertiary institution have become a most.

Students must do all they can to pass at all cost even if it means sleeping with every single lecture in the department be it heterosexual or homosexuals.

That daunting task of expectations have seen students lose the essence of been educated and just cramp the whole book and reproduce it in the examination hall and if you can’t do that, offer money or your body.

Those who can’t offer their bodies, cash or regurgitate the nonsense thought by the lectures are then forced to take that final decision.

Others took their live over depression, relationship heartbreak, difficulty in passing their final year exams or completing their projects.

So why can we do to fix this mess:

Guidance and counselling department should be in all schools: Every tertiary institution in Nigeria must have an active guidance and counselling who can speak to this depressed youths and proffer them workable solutions to their present problems.

If they meet the lectures in thier behalf and broker a solutin it will certinalys ave lifes.

Psychiatric department should be in all schools– Mental health challenge is a problem and some students have that problem. Tertiary and post primary schools must have a psychiatric department which can be accessed by every single student.

Both academic, non academic and students should be given a pass to visit them and air out their respective challenges.

Parents and guardians must learn to listen more and talk less- Parents or guardians in Nigeria must stop that habit of always talking and never listening to their children.

Yes, getting educated is the core objective of going to the university but it also has a social setting. Once a student feels alienated or their intimate secret is been exposed to others, they will take drastic action especially if no one is listening.

Issues like sex tape leak, peer pressure or relationship issues like cheating or break up can lead to suicide.

Nigeria students should form anti suicide club and listen if Nigeria universities don’t care- Concerned Nigeria students must step up and arrest the alarming spike in suicide in their respective institutions.

Students who have witnessed prevalent suicide incidence like UNN have to form anti-suicide club and ensure they can reach people who are fragile and weak.

Everyone needs love and attention and if they don’t get it from the people closet to them, then give it to them.

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