A Season Defining Week: Chelsea Season Could Be Over This Week If They Lose Both Games

This week, Chelsea’s management will get a clearer picture of the wokr Thomas Tuchel is currently doing at the club.

Chelsea will play FC Porto in the second leg of hte Champiosn League on Tuesday and on Staurday they will play Mancheste City in the FA Cup.

If they lose both matches, their season will certainly be over and questions will rise over suitability of Tuchel continuing as head coach. But a win, will certainly settle the nerves and give the club a really push in winning both domestic and European trophies.

Tuchel knows this week will make or break his team and that is why he has called for calm among the players, coaching staffs and even fans.

He wants everyone to relax and not get too carried away thinking too much about the upcoming fixtures.

The manager knows that winning games isn’t just tactics and teamwork sometimes it boils down to the mental fortitude of the players. If you believe there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

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