Is Nigeria Ready To Break Up Despite The Impending Genocide?

The call for the country to be disintegrated is growing louder and louder as corruption, terrorism, nepotism, kidnapping and unwarranted killing grows daily.

Nigerians languishing in poverty while fighting as hard as possible to survive in a nation were dreams are crushed even before they’re dreamt. Probably the reason why Nigerians are leaving the country in droves to the Western World or other Africa nations.

Those who have learnt haven’t forgotten were they came from and now supporting the fight for disintegration by sponsoring the likes of Nnamdi Kalu and Sunday Kalu to push their secessionist agenda.

Igbos want Biafra republic while Yoruba’s are calling for Oodua republic. If the Southern Part of Nigeria is cut off from the North, it will certainly help both ethnic group develop faster but, it will expose other Northern tribes who don’t fully agree with the Hausa Fulani.

Breaking up Nigeria will put Northern christians or tribes in danger.

They will be massacred in cold blood by the fanatical north. No one wants that on their conscience, not even the Igbos or Yoruba’s will sit back and watch millions die because of their actions.

So breaking Nigeria in the large part will be good for two of the most powerful ethnic groups in Nigeria to join the developed world but in the smaller part, millions of lives in the north will be lost and frankly that will be a shame.

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