Breakaway Or Stay: The European Super League Is Born To Destroy Football

The European Super League is like a nightmare most clubs are still struggling to wake up from. 12 of the finest clubs in Europe are attempting to create a league of their own; attract top investors like JP Morgan, earn billions of dollars and share it amongst themselves.

If that is not greed, there’s no other definition of that world. If such a league is allowed to exist, it will destroy the pyramid of football and have a lasting damage on the Premier League, La Liga and Italian.

It will threaten the core principles of solidarity, inclusivity, integrity and equitable financial redistribution of wealth. Football is created on the basis of mediocrity and inclusiveness and not for a few billionaires to keep making money off the dedicated fans.

The so-called Super League must be stopped by all ramificaiton. Thankfully, a joint force team comprising of FIFA, UEFA, Premier League, La Liga, the Seria A and other concerned agency have to gather to ban the move and issue out warning to the club’s involved and the players.

They all know allowing such a league to exist will slowly kill football as fans begin to get tired of watching the same 12, 15 or 20 clubs play each other time after time.

People are always fascinated with seeing underdogs like Leicester City, Sevilla, Ajax or even Rangers taking on Real Madrid, Liverpool or Juventus and winning them.

If that magical moments are taken from fans why will anyone want to watch a league Manchester or Tottenham who won’t get relegated and still get compensated in billions for finishing bottom.

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