Why PSG, BVB And Bayern Munich Said ‘No’ To European Super League

Football is on edge of failing off the cliff thanks to the greed of 12 clubs who have decided to form a mini tournament called ‘European Super League’ to boast thier confine in the expense of others. .

This 12 clubs will earn billions from participating and face no losses in the long run. In fact, just been part of it guarantee you $302million. But despite the cash flow, Bayern Munich, PSG and Borrusia Dortmund who were offered tickets to join rejected it.

Why? Bayern and Dortmund still believes in fair participation, integrity of the sport and exclusiveness. They still know the importance of keeping their fans happy especially those who have devoted their lives for the love of the game.

PSG meanwhile don’t really need the money. The club is owned by Qatar Sports Investments and managed by Nasser Al-Khelaifi. The club president and the venture are very close to UEFA and FIFA.

Their media extension BeIN sports company holds TV rights to the Champions League, while Qatar will be hosting the 2022 World Cup.

Both FIFA and UEFA have rejected the proposal and PSG are smart enough to know going against football’s biggest decision makers will be bad business for both club and country in the long run.

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