Kick Them Out! Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid Should Be Kicked Out Of The Champions League

The message sent out from 12 of the biggest club’s in Europe was clear for everyone to understand. They want to form a mini tournament where the rules and regulation governing it will be made by them and billions expected to be generated will be shared by them only.

Meritocracy is a thing of the past. The 12 clubs involved will automatically qualify for the competition irrespective of their league forms.

They will always be their to share JP Morgan’s billions along the billions generated from TV Rights, endorsement deals, sponsorship deals and so on.

Chelsea, Manchester City and the chief pioneer Real Madrid all signed to that devilish pact to ruin football and if that is know, what are they still doing the Champions League?

UEFA must grow so balls and throw them all out of the Champions League.

Its pointless having greedy football clubs in a tournament they don’t want to be part of. They want another mini tournament that guarantees them millions of dollars if they lose all their games. They just want the money not the competitions.

They don’t care how the fans feel, the rich history of the club and those memorable moments. All they care about is money.

If that is mindset of Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Arsenal then why is UEFA still allowing them to participate in the Champions League and the Europa League.

Its time to kick them out of the Champions League or the Europa League while restricting them from participating in the Europa Super League.

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