No Fans, No Glory: Liverpool To Join Manchester City And Chelsea In Pulling Out Of The Controversial European Super League

Liverpool’s iconic slogan ‘You will Never Walk Alone’, is currently threatened thanks to the greedy nature of their principal owner John Henry.

FSG or John Henry signed up with 12 other clubs to play a mini tournament in which the money derived will be shared amongst themselves.

And those who are interested in participating in the ‘billionaires club’ will fill to achieve something in their respective leagues.

In other words, Liverpool signed up to play a league where merit is throw out the door and fans are just defined as money producing robots.

Loyalty, integrity, merit and sportsmanship is all but over if that league is allowed to exist,

But, thanks to pressure from the fans, FIFA, UEFA and the Premier League along with its subsidiary bodies, Liverpool and other Premier League clubs are rethinking their respective actions.

Manchester City and Chelsea are reportedly pondering what to get out of the so-called Super League while Liverpool players and coaching staff are believed to be working internally to pull the club out of the tournament.

In fact, the grandson of Bill Shankly’s have demanded his grandpa’s stature be removed from Anfield. That statement alone is a stain on the club’s reputation and Shankley’s unbelievable success.

Henry has kept silent over the incidence but will certainly do what’s best for the club and himself. He has protect what is left of his image and Liverpool.

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