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Perez Is Poisoning Football: Why Real Madrid Must Force Florentino Perez To Step Down

Believe it, Real Madrid is the biggest club in the world and Florentiono Perez is the most powerful man in football.

That man has so much influences in Spanish and European football and that is why most decision made by UEFA or FIFA is done to favour Real Madrid or their players {Ballon d’ors}.

His influence on Spanish football is the reason why La Liga is not a one league affair. Barcelona would’ve dominated the league and turned it to Scottish League, Bundesliga or Italian league were one team wins the league for 8 or 9 years stretch.

Perez changed the landscape of Spanish football by signing the best footballers ‘Galaticos’ and hiring the finest managers to manage them. In doing so, Real Madrid were able to rival Barcelona for the {La Liga and Copa Del Rey }and the rest of Europe for the Champions League.

And my God! it was a massive success.

But achieving that fate had little or nothing to do with the fans. His achievement was purely on his own doing and not the fans. And this is why he is strongly backing the creation of the European Super League.

The Super League will empower Los Blancos to topple the rest in Europe. It helps to finance his pursuit for perfection by bringing in the likes of Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland this summer.

That desire to make Real Madrid the best team in the world with or without the fans is sadly turning out to be a poison. He is killing the club internally and that must stop.

Yes! Perez made Real Madrid and Spanish football interest to watch but success sometimes means nothing if no one is praising you.

Football almost died under his watch and its time that power he posses be stripped from him by dethroning him as Real Madrid president.

Los Blancos can not continue with Perez cause he is a poison. An infectious poison that will ultimately kill Real Madrid, Spanish football and football in general.

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