Defending A Terrorist: Why Is The Government Of Nigeria Defending A Isa Pantami

The records are their to prove that the minister of communication and digital economy Isa Pantami once instigated violence in major parts of the north that lead to the deaths of thousands.

He is also a staunch supporter of the Islamic Maghreb in the middle east, Africa and all over Europe. In fact, Pantami volunteered to become the leader of a jihadist ring in Nigeria.

His mission was start a holy war that will see Muslim slaughter eventually every single Christian that oppose them and those who who don’t oppose will be forcefully converted to islam.

If this know about the man why did the president appoint him as a minister? And why is the president refusing to hid the advice of the general public and sack him?

Sacking Pantami has nothing to do with opposition political parties, communication companies or sponsored smear campaign. The call to sack is made by all Nigerians who want sanity in government and peace in all regions.

Buhari’s mouth piece Garba Shehu shamefully labelled the call of his sack, as witch hunt sponsored by the elites. His assumptions that Nigerians are stupid and can’t say or do anything together without an elite sponsoring them is degrading.

Nigerians don’t want him and have made it clear to him and Buhari.

If the federal government persist on keeping a self confessed terrorist it will send the wrong signal to the masses who are already suspecting the federal government of co-sponsoring Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen and Kidnappers all across the nation.

The message is clear from Nigerians, sack Pantami now or face the consequence of a divided nation.

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