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Why Florentino Perez Will Step Down As Real Madrid President

It took Florentino Perez twenty one years to build his reputation as football’s most powerful president and Real Madrid’s kingpin.

He made Los Blancos the club they’re today because he dreamt of one day assembling the best players in the world in a team and presiding over them to win trophies. To achieve that dream, he launched ‘the project Galatico’ and began signign superstars.

Assembling the world’s best players was the first step, the second step was attracting the best managers in the world to coach them and win games and titles. Those who failed were sacked instantly and replaced with another top manager.

That brilliant strategy ensured Real Madrid were the most successful team in Europe 13 Champions League trophies of which 7 were won under Perez,.

But sadly, those memorable achievements of Florentino Perez is now forgotten.

No one takes the old man serious anymore after his project ‘European Super League’ crashed 48 hours after taking off.

Perez watched as six of the 12 so-called European Clubs pulled out and render apologizes to the fans while biggest investor JP Morgan pulled out after been degraded. Other investors are distancing themselves for Perez cause they know he is damaged good who could affect their brands.

In fact, Real Madrid’s directors are now worried about his continued role as the president of the club and the impact it will have on attracting other investors and keeping fans happy. The protest from the fans is getting out of hand and damaging the club’s brand.

Soon, Real Madrid will be forced to pull the plug on Florentino Perez before he completely damages what is left of Real Madrid’s reputation.

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