3400 People Killed In A Month: What Is Really Happening In Nigeria?

Everyday you flip through the national daily papers all you see are the number of deaths that occurred yesterday from banditry attackers, Boko Haram savagery, communal clashes, kidnappers mayhem and Fulani herdsmen carnage.

The nation is at war with itself and the youths of the nation are scarified daily on the alter of a failed state. Nigeria is a failed state and it is fast turning into Somalia were live has no meaning.

Last month alone, 3400 people were brutally killed all across the nation. Shamefully, only 1200 were reported by the daily newspapers the rest of the casualty were discovered by Amnesty Nigeria, Concerned people of Nigeria and the well meaning citizens of the people.

Death toll in Nigeria is going out of control. Some few days ago Nigeria were forced to mourn the gruesome death of three students from the University of Greenfield, in a space of a day, 17 people were killed in Guma Local Government, 5 in Anambra State, 8 in Enugu states, 38 in Borno State of which 21 are Iswap or Boko Haram Fighters.

9 died in Nassarawa State, 21 in Yobe, 8 in Bauchi and so and on the list goes..

The list of those who died today in Nigeria is endless and yet, the president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari has remained silent.

But his brain died mouth piece Garba Shehu is very loud. Stupidly, he claimed on Channel TV that the killing is Nigeria is nothing new but only that, its becoming more viral because President Muhammadu Buhari is in power.

To him, the lives of the 3400 Nigerians massacred in cold blood means nothing. The only thing that matters is Muhammadu Buhari’s global image not the lives of an average Nigerian.

What a shame!!

The Governor of Imo State Hope Udozomina who is in the same political party as the president revealed what he thinks is the reason for the numerous death in Nigeria. He said: ‘it is the politician who are sponsoring the incessant killings all over the country.

‘They want to make Nigeria governable and make President Muhammadu Buhari look weak and helpless’.

Hope’s revelation’s might be true or not but if something is not done quickly to arrest the killings. Nigerians will go to war with the government and that will lead to another anarchy before breaking up into regions.

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