Arsenal Still Paying Mesut Ozil £315,000-A-Week Despite Selling The German To Fenerbahce

Mesut Ozil might have departed Arsenal for Fenerbache but the Gunners are still paying 90% of midfielders 350,000-a-week wages.

The Athletic reports that Arsenal are paying £315,000-a-wweek for Ozil while Fenerbache are paying less than 35,000-a-week to offset his remianaing wages.

This is to say, Arsenal are paying Ozil an outrageous amount not to play for them. Ozil might have fallen out of love with Mikel Arteta and afterwards struggled with form and fitness {who wouldn’t if the manager doesn’t player} but that doesn’t mean he is a bad player.

Although, Arsenal will be free of the midfielder this summer when his contract runs out in June.

Afterwards, he his wages will drop from £350,000-a-week to £68,000-a-week.

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