5 Things President Muhammadu Buhari Must Do To Address Nigeria’s Security Problem

Nigeria has sadly turned into a country were the lives of cows are valuable that those of its citizens. Every day, over 100 to 200 people are killed cold blood by the dreaded Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram, bandits, kidnappers and even the country’s own security network.

Protecting the lives and properties of everyone is the first objective of the president of Nigeria but, he has failed to carryout that duty as a leader

To curtail the widespread killing President Muhammadu Buhari must do this five things and fast:

Request for international assistance in logistics and planning- Nigeria government do not have capability of ending terrorism and must seek international assistance in doing soon. They need logistic and proper planning in capturing terrorists and ending this war on Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen once and for all.

Reshuffle the Northern dominated government– Its very obvious that the Northern part of the country has more people occupying key positions in government. That sense of injustice is creating confusion and anger amongst the neglected tribes.

Igbos have been relegated to the back seat and the people are now buying into Nnamdi Okwu Kanu and Sunday Igboho’s message.

Speak publicly to Nigeria’s two famous freedom fighters ‘Nnamdi Kalu and Sunday Ighobo‘- Buhari can’t be pretending that the country is alright when this two actors are capable of starting a civil war.

But men are calling for the same thing, break up Nigeria. If the Fulani Herdsmen were nipped to the bud, Sunday Igboho won’t have emerged form the crowd nor will Nnamdi Kalu create an Eastern Security Network to defend the Eastern region from herdsmen.

Buhari must speak to them and find a lastig solution in fixing Nigeria.

Listen to the people and take their advice– Nigerians what the minister of communication and digital economy Isa Pantami sacked for the role he played in killing Christians back when he was volatile Islamic cleric.

They wants EL Zakzaky released, press or channels TV given the freedom to interview whoever they want and local police be established to provide security for the nation.

The Nigeria Army should work in tandem with the Eastern Security Network to fish out Fulani herdsmen who rape and slaughter people in their farms.

If Buhari can listen more to the masses his government will be the best in Nigeria.

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