Sign me a striker! Thomas Tuchel cries to Chelsea after another Timo Werner horror show

What is wrong with Timo Werner’s confidence? Difficult to say but watching him miss chances after chances makes even his most loyal of supporters wonder what is going on inside his mind when he gets close to the box to shoot.

Misses are tolerated in football but not for a $50m striker who Chelsea need now more than ever to win them the FA Cup and the Champions League,

According to, no Premier League player has missed more big chances in league and European competitions than Timo Werner. The German striker has missed 21 out of the 29 big chances. Against Real Madrid he missed all 3,

Irritated as well as disappointed, Tuchel cried out the board to sign him a world class striker. A striker who can finish off 2 out of the 3 chances they get even against big clubs like Real Madrid.

The Champions League tie is not over. With Sergio Ramos expected to return for the second leg, there’s a big opportunity for Real Madrid to qualify.

Ramos is top player and his ability to influence his teammates while scoring free kicks, penalty kicks and bullets headers might overwhelm Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

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