Stop threatening Mbaka: Buhari has to be impeached cause Nigeria is now a killing zone

The clarion call from Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka to Muhammadu Buhari to resign from office was bold and loud. The catholic priest and spiritual director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria {Amen}, have watched as thousands of Nigerians are been slaughtered every week with the president saying nothing about it or how to arrest the decline.

Buhari’s lackadaisical approach in curtailing the killing spree is petrifying as well as exhausting even to the ‘man of God’ who have challenged the National Assembly to brace up for once and do their jobs.

They’ve to get sack Buhari and get Nigeria back on track and ensure the lives and properties of everyone is secured.

Mbaka is right about asking Buhari to resign and no threat from the Presidency, APC or APC so-called Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Yekini Nabena will scuffle the feathers of the priest.

Reporting him to the Pope is a welcome move. The Holy Father will now know that Buhari recently appointed a radical Islamic clerics who openly backs Taliban and Al-Qaida. A man who said, ‘I am happy when i see Christians are been slaughtered’.

He also know that Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen and Kidnapping are a sponsored by men in Buhari’s government. Dare devils who can be vanquished if the National Assembly do their jobs and impeach Buhari.

Nigeria is failed state and Mbaka’s clarion call is the first step to address the situatio.

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