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Is Robert Lewandowski really good enough to play for Real Madrid?

Robert Lewandowski is a football legend and his incredible records coupled with his scintillating trophy haul will forever be remembered in football’s folklore.

The Polish superstar has lead Bayern Munich to a record 9 consecutive league trophies including the club’s first and Europe’s second ever sextuplets. That remarkable achievement ensured he was named FIFA, European and Bundesliga Best Player.

But its time he answers the questions many are still asking; ‘can he really compete and win trophies in the Spanish and English league like he easily those with Bayern Munich’.

Unlike the Spanish and English league, Bayern Munich exalt absolute control on the league by signing the best players from other German clubs which invariably weakens them.

That clever maneuver has ensured Lewandowski have faced mostly average defense and scored lots of goals. Repeating such fate in much more advanced league remains a mystery.

No one knows if he is that good to play for Real Madrid or Manchester United until he leaves the comfort of Bundesliga and test himself.

Hopefully, he won’t be the next Andriy Shevchenko who swapped a relatively easy leagues for a much tougher one only to realize he is basic.

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