3 medical reasons to stay away from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Professor Enter Derrick Wirtz of the University of British Columbia in Okanagan, Canada, discovered that people who use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on a daily basis are less content than those who don’t.

People who frequently access social media to post photos and notifications that selectively represent others favorably, according to the professor. They see celebrities like Davido and Wizkid living fairy tale lives, as well as the lives of their peers, neighbors, and family, which may be in stark contrast to their own.

They feel hollow inside after seeing photos or images, and they begin to doubt the meaning of life. It’s important to manage your social media use so that you don’t get depressed or emotionally drained.

Second, social media replaces face-to-face socialization with online contact, which is thought to lead to lower-quality relationships with others. Normal friendships are often replaced by online friendships with people they can or may not actually meet in person. It’s important to spend less time on social media and engage in more open conversations with others.

Third, people who spend a lot of time online are more likely to encounter trolls or cyber bullies who are out to make you feel bad. Bullying on a regular basis can lead to depression.

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