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The Ronaldo Show Is Over! Its time Juventus send the Portuguese packing and rebuild the squad

After nine years of setting the bench mark in the Italian league, Juventus will now have to take the back seat and watch others lead.

They’re forced to watch the man who started their dominant reign rebuild a faded giants’ Inter Milan’, breath confidence into them and then attack the league relentlessly.

Antonio Conte is the man who started Juventus dominant reign and now, he has ended it with Inter Milan. But all that could’ve been avoided had Juventus depended less on Cristiano Ronaldo goals and hired the right manager who will rebuild the squad with the Portuguese.

Massimiliano Allegri is the perfect manager for Juventus and after him is Maurizio Sarri who is a world class manager with years of experience and a distinctive style of play football tagged ‘Sarri ball’.

Had Juventus stuck with one of the two, Juventus will still be winning countless domestic and hopefully the Champions League. But deciding to sack both managers for Andrea Pirlo who is a rookie was frankly pathetic.

Everyone depended on Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal to win games and then titles.

Ronaldo is a fading force and he proved that assertion by failing to take Juventus beyond the round 16 of the Champions League in three consecutive seasons neither was he able to sore the required number of goals to prevent Inter Milan form dethroning Juventus as Italy’s best team.

The Ronaldo show is over and its time Juventus rebuild the squad without the Portuguese.

They have give Andrea Pirlo the boot and bring back Massimiliano Allegri or Maurizio Sarri, cause both men posses the quality of stopping Antonio Conte from making Inter Milan Seria A most dominant team.

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