Real Madrid

5 players Real Madrid don’t need to sign this summer

In order to continue winning domestic and European trophies, Real Madrid revamped their squad this summer by signing some of Europe’s best players. However, in order to maintain their winning streak, Real Madrid must avoid signing those players.

Madrid should not sign Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski because they already have Karim Benzema who is already scoring goals and winning trophies for the club. Benzema is a world-class striker who continues to improve with age.

The club should avoid signing Paul Pogba.. The French man is undeniably a talented midfielder who enjoys performing tricks and flicks, but a club like Real Madrid demands more than just abilities.

Real Madrid’s respective midfielders must be disciplined, ready to recreate tactically planned out routines during match days avoid as many errors as possible, which means no tricks or flicks.

LosBlancos should avoid signing Aston Villa’s over-hyped winger Jack Grealish, Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah if they manage to sign Kylian Mbappe, and Tottenham’s striker Harry Kane cause Karim Benzema is better than him

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