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Zinedine Zidane reveals 3 things Real Madrid must do to beat Chelsea

Spanish based network El Chiringuito has revealed in details Zinedine Zidane’s tactical plan to win against Chelsea.

The manager was clearly heard telling his players to be very aggressive in their play when they face Chelsea. He also instructed them to keep the ball much better and off course score when the chance present itself.

Aggressive play involves a lot of thing and one of them is provocative attitude or slur to get the opposition player incensed.

Fernandinho displayed such provocative attitude towards Di Maria who lost his head and instantaneously stamped on the midfielder. The Argentinean didn’t show one bit of remorse, his action in his head was justifiable.

Zidane wants similar action from his players. He wants them to be aggressive towards Chelsea’s inexperienced players and get them incensed hopefully, one of them will do something stupid and then get sent off.

Secondly, the manager wants his players to keep the ball much longer and wear Chelsea’s midfield down. Let them chase shadows until they retract and form a low block.

Real Madrid do have the world class midfielders {Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Casemiro} to achieve that aim but with N’Golo Kante finding his best form and fitness just in time for clash, it will be harder. He will harry, close down and then retrieve the ball before setting up a quick counter attack. Kante will be a problem.

Finally, Zidane has employed his attackers to score more than one goal. Cause if Real Madrid can hold Chelsea to a 1-1 they go into extra time and possibly win on penalties or, a Sergio Ramos last minute header.

But, if they hold Chelsea to a 2-2 draw then they go through with the extra load on their legs.

Chelsea though have to utilize their home advantage. They’ve to finish off Real Madrid in the first half by scoring a goal or two. Cause, the longer the game go without a goal, the more confident Real Madrid will become and that is not acceptable at this level.

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