W.T.F PSG! Why did you sack Thomas Tuchel?

Thomas Tuchel has done it again, he has reached another Champions League final without Neymar or Kylan Mbappe in his team. He has proven he is a world class manager who can deliver trophies once the owners are wiling to invest in the team.

In just six months of becoming the manager of Chelsea football club, Tuchel has reached the FA Cup and now the Champions League final. His achievement is remarkable knowing the heartache he felt in last season’s Champions league final defeat to Bayern Munich and the subsequent sacking when he asked the club to revamp the squad.

Tuchel did nothing wrong to PSG, he sacked because of his vision of the club. He felt the team needed reinforcement in all areas including attack. Neymar and Mbape are both world class players but they need back up. Players who can give PSG extra dimension in attack when those two are struggling to score like against Manchester City.

But rather find reasons to what he is saying, PSG decided he is not good enough for the club and in came Mauricio Pochettino.

Well, the end result is their for everyone to see.

Thomas Tuchel is through to the Champions league final for the second time with two different clubs. He is the first manager in history to achieve that fate.

PSG meanwhile are out of the tournament, told to f**ck off by the referee and could be losing Mbappe this summer.

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