Juventus are in crises and not even the immaculate Cristiano Ronaldo can save them

Juventus fall from might to obscurity was predictable. Those who loved the club called on Andrea Agnelli and Pavel Nedved to make the necessary change in the dug out before the club hit rock bottom.

But did they listen? No. Those at the helm at affairs were busy chasing the crazy dream of European League football and lost control of the club. They mirrored what Chelsea was trying to avoid with Frank Lampard who is a rookie coach.

Under Pirlo’s tutelage, Juventus have digressed so badly that even finishing in the top 4 will be a miracle.

If they miss out of the Europe’s elite competitions the club will be in big trouble. First, they will cut lose Cristiano Ronaldo who earning will no longer be payable. His $32m-a-year earning can not be sustained with Europa League money.

Secondly, top players currently at the club will push for a move cause they’ve no business playing in the Europa League.

Finally, replacing Pirlo with Zinedine Zidane will further be complicated. Zizou will not take over an Europa League club that can’t attract the finest footballers in the world. He has his reputation to protect.

The impeding financial crises and player’s departure will turn Juventus to just another Seria A club whose glory days are all but over.

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