Killed everyday: The Nigeria police force is weak, hopeless and very corrupt

The unwavering attack on the Nigeria police force by deviants has further exposed how deplorable the security apparatus have become.

Police stations are burnt all over the country while the officers are been killed by terrorists, kidnappers, secessionist and even the people. No one trust or fears the police anymore cause everyone sees them an extension of the hopeless and corrupt government.

The men in uniform have deliberately refused to their jobs by investigating thoroughly and arresting every corrupt men and women in government regardless of their position.

But rather do that and save the country from anarchy and poverty, the Nigeria police have turned themselves into the lap dogs of politicians. They’ve turned a blind eye to justice and allowed the country deteriorate beyond repair.

That mistake from country’s number one security outfit has paved the way for resentments like End SARS and subsequent attacks from every social vise. Police officers are now killed in hundreds and their stations burnt sporadically.


No one in Nigeria gives a damn if thier killed or thier stations are burnt because they weak, hopeless and corrupt.

In fact, people now want the Nigeria police force to be disband while a state uncompromised police force be created. They want a security outfit that is responsive to the needs of the people and will enforce justice regardless of the individual or personality.

To arrest this situation, the Nigeria police force must win back the trust of the people by saying no to bribing and corruption from both high and lows.

Arrest corrupt officials in government, deviants in the society and work hand in hand with the people on information gathering to deter domestic attacks.

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