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5 reasons why Liverpool can’t afford to lose to Manchester United

Arsenal’s incredible 1-0 win over Chelsea has opened a minute opportunity for Liverpool to earn redemption after devastating end to a promising season.

The Reds decline to mediocrity could be blamed on some many reasons but, they still have an ample opportunity of ending this season on a high. But achieving that fate won’t be easy knowing they’ve play their oldest rival Manchester Untied in a ground where success have been far and few.

Losing or drawing to Manchester United instantly ends Liverpool’s Champions League hopes– Liverpool can not afford to lose or draw at Old Trafford. They must win to have a chance of knocking off either Chelsea or Leicester City off the top 4 spot.

It won’t be easy though but it has to be done .

A defeat at Old Trafford give confidence to Leicester City and Chelsea – If Liverpool win at Manchester Untied, they will close the gap to 4 points before facing the relegated West Brom who have to play for but pride.

If they defeat Manchester United and then win against West Brom, the Reds will just be a point below fourth placed Chelsea who play Leicester City twice { in the FA Cup final and in the Premier League}.

Solskjaer’s ego must be crushed- To prove how fierce the rivalry is between Liverpool and Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer dropped 10 of his finest players against Leicester City so they can be fit for Liverpool.

The manager don’t care if United lose against Leicester City and Manchester City win the title, he is more concerned about beating Liverpool and ending their top 4 hopes. That achievement alone is worth more than winning a trophy.

A defeat will pile pressure on Liverpool’s underperforming players especially Reberto Firmino and Sadio Mane while the need for a massive overhaul will instantly kick it.

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