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No Maguire, no defense: Why Manchester United hopes of winning the Europa League has diminished

Manchester United are beginning to experience what it means losing the most dependable defender in the team.

Just like Liverpool whose season nosedived in the absence of Van Dijk, Manchester United are about to face similar problem with Harry Maguire injured.

Maguire might be an old fashioned defender but, he those posses the ability to organize the defense, head out dangerous balls while keeping the attackers at bay.

His absence was badly missed by Manchester United who should how vulnerable and deplorable they can be against quick attackers. It was so bad that a player like Roberto Firmino who has managed just 6 goals in 32 Premier League matches could score twice and even lie an assist.

Firmino is now the second player after Steven Gerrard to score a brace at Old Trafford in almost a decade.

Had Maguire played, Firmino won’t have scored null will United concede 4 goals.

The tie against Villarreal will be tougher than Liverpool. The Yellow Submarines will come at United with everything they’ve got and with a manager like Unai Emery who has lifted the trophy 3 consecutive times, United must play cautiously.

But, United can still win it. Their average defense can be used as a decoy to lure Villarreal to attack only and expose spaces at the back which United can exploit and score repetitively.

Well, Its easier said than done on but let’s all hope the Europa League final will be explosive to watch.

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